Our host and keynote-speaker Kati Saari is a strategist and senior advisor, who is known for coaching companies such as Stockmann, Onninen and Zara with internationalization.

11:45 Registration and coffee
12:00 Keynote Kati Saari: Why open and diverse company culture is the key to the success
12:45 Are we ready? How do you recruit an international talent?
13:00 Speed dating starts
14:00 An open company culture
15:00 Share Your Talents & Open networking
15:15 Coffee and snacks
16:00 Thank you

+ You can book speed dates with the other participants the entire afternoon!

Registration & networking in Brella
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Welcome on board of international recruitment!

The event is free of charge and in English.

Organizers: Regional Council of North Karelia, Business Joensuu Ltd., Karelia University of Applied Sciences Ltd., Skilled Joensuu region – Competent workforce and entrepreneurship -project.