REMIX Project brings together:

  • 9 partners
  • 1 advisory partner
  • 9 countries
  • 8 policy Instruments

The selected regions are at different stages in the mining cycle and have complementary resources and profiles. The REMIX project will advance innovation in their regional mining value chains, of large and small scale companies. Regions rich in mineral resources have an important strategic role in Europe. Collaboration between European Commission (EC) and regional policy makers is needed to develop complementary approaches, which will boost EU competitiveness and stimulate sustainable development, growth, jobs and new SME industries.

The REMIX Project contains:

  • 5 Regional stakeholder meetings
  • 5 in-depth international workshops targeted to specific topics
  • 9 Peer review study visits
  • 2 Mining Conferences (to help disseminate the results Europe-wide)

Project partners and stakeholders take part in the activities together, to share knowledge and develop best practice guidelines. The results are used to improve the policy instruments in each region. Also, the project forms an investment platform and Smart and Green interregional mining cluster supporting the Industrial Modernisation. The project continues to phase two to ensure the outcomes are implemented.

The project highlights will be communicated directly to the EC at the end of Phase one to help improve EC policy on raw materials. This is an outstanding opportunity to obtain pan-European in-depth consideration of smart and green mining policies.

Business Joensuu will organize the next REMIX Meeting in Joensuu, on 11 – 14 March 2019. The meeting is by invitation only.