The Start Me Up business idea competition has now finished. We thank you all for your mind-blowing submissions!

Both beginners and people with more experience are welcome to take part in the Start Me Up business idea competition. It makes no difference whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur, employed or unemployed. What is important is that you think you have some mind-blowing ideas.

You cannot lose in this race!

On the contrary: in addition to the EUR 20,000 main prize, several other monetary and expert prizes will be awarded in the competition. The Start Me Up competition is also an excellent opportunity to network and create contacts with other competitors, entrepreneurs and experts.

In addition, you will be able to refine your idea together with people with strong experience in the industry, and you will also receive mind-blowing business tips for the future. An idea, which currently only causes a little stir, can be developed into a real cracker!


All ideas sent to the competition will be treated confidentially, which means that you can be at ease and reveal even your most mind-blowing plans!

In other words, don’t be shy about your idea, but let us assess its potential for blowing people’s minds.


Will your company submit the most mind-blowing idea of the year to the enterprises series of the Start Me Up business idea competition? You will never know unless you try!

Participation in the competition is rewarding, even if you do not win the main prize. Your idea will be processed by a panel of experts, and you will gain ideas on how to develop it further. So hurry up and get a brainstorming session going in your coffee room!


You don’t need a degree or the best grades to come up with ideas. We know that many mind-blowing business ideas come up already during studies, and such brilliant ideas should not be kept hidden.

If you are a student, the Start Me Up business idea competition allows you to further refine your idea, consider its business potential, and possibly win the mind-blowing prize of EUR 9,000 in the student series!


Researcher: the Start Me Up business idea competition can be your access to the world! We will help you productise your research and turn the results of your work into business. We will also give a EUR 3,000 monetary award for the most mind-blowing research-based idea.

This is pretty mind-blowing, don’t you think?

Light entrepreneurs

Do you have some mind-blowing ideas, but you’re not sure if you could make a living from them?

Don’t worry: entrepreneurs’ life situations, resources and career dreams may be very different. Mind-blowing ideas can be harnessed even if they are not the main source of income. Take part in the competition and see what can come out of your idea!


Main prize worth OVER EUR 60,000

Student prize EUR 9,000

Read the competition rules here!

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