Who can participate?

Ideas for the Start Me Up competition will be accepted from anyone who gets a flash of wit. If you have a hunch that your idea could benefit others, do not hesitate but participate! In addition to your idea getting a new direction, you may get the main prize of 20,000 euros or another prize in money or expert services.

All ideas submitted to the competition will be handled confidentially among the jury.


We are often asked whether an already operating enterprise can participate in the competition. Yes, you can, and it will benefit you – your ideas will be considered by a jury of experts, and you will get resources for developing them further. What about giving your colleagues an internal challenge: who will come up with the best idea within your enterprise?

We will reward the best enterprise-originated idea with a prize of €10,000.



Innovation does not require a completed degree – quite the contrary. If you get a stroke of genius during your studies, you should put it into use, refine it and maybe shape your own career out of it.

The best student idea will be rewarded with a prize of no less than €9,000!



You have an idea that has been studied and found feasible. Start Me Up is a great way of getting the world to know about your idea –create a product with purchasers and users.

The brightest research-originated idea will be rewarded with a cash prize of €5,000.

Light entrepreneurs

Do you have a burning hot idea in your pocket but are not sure about its feasibility as a full-time enterprise? Fortunately, entrepreneurship is not a one-size-fits-all concept; your ideas and your enterprise will be shaped to fit your life.

First prize:
 €20,000 + premises at Joensuu Science Park for a year!


Send just one or as many as you can create! You can participate alone or as a group, either as an enterprise or an individual.

Who can participate

Competition info


You already have an operating business or it is still seeking its form. Start Me Up will support you in refining your idea all along the way.

After the competition


When your idea is gradually realised, this will be reflected in your life as a whole. Read how others have come up with ideas, become enthusiastic, made mistakes and learned!

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Story: Honkavuori Brewery

Story: Cooperative Bision

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