Jani Akkila from Process Genius cannot pave the road to definite success for people dreaming of entrepreneurship. However, having worked in the entrepreneurial field for a long time, he sure has a wealth of mind-blowing business tips to offer.

People with an entrepreneurial spirit know how to deal with problems in an exemplary manner. They do not give up but have the ability to view dysfunctional things and situations as opportunities that encourage them to come up with something mind-blowing. It’s a good idea to rack your brain a bit, particularly in situations when a solution to the problem could be useful for many people.

Kaisa Miettinen from LashLovers set off to solve problems in the lash industry. Jouni Jussila and Tomi Vainikka from Playmore Games started to investigate problems related to the rulebooks of board games. The story of Process Genius, in turn, began when the founders Jani Akkila and Antti Häkkilä identified the need to use digital technology to make the collection and processing of data easier. As the success of Process Genius indicates, there clearly was a need for user interfaces designed for the generation and utilisation of data.



Jani Akkila, CEO of the software company Process Genius, which specialises in virtual user interface solutions, has made many big and small decisions during his career. He knows that at times, we simply have to take the plunge and make bold changes, especially when facing big decisions. This was the case a year and a half ago when Process Genius lived through challenging times. Bankruptcy seemed to be lurking around the corner if something mind-blowing didn’t happen soon. But luckily it did.

– We changed the business model, cut down the number of products, made personnel changes: in practice, we revolutionised the entire company. At that time, we started turning from a start-up into a really big company, so it was necessary to make major changes. It was pretty mind-blowing to understand this.

Actually, the beginning of the entire Process Genius was fairly riveting – as is Akkila’s move to Joensuu.

– Häkkilä and I were having a beer in an Irish pub in the Middle East. That’s when the decision was made: I would quit my permanent job and move to a new place (Joensuu) in Eastern Finland. It was quite a mind-blowing moment.



Jani Akkila, who has been involved in a variety of things, has been watching his company grow, while also following the ups and downs of many other start-ups under development. He knows that, in these circles, there is no single pathway, but many methods and innumerable approaches instead. Akkila encourages everyone to try out different things and ideas with an open mind. In fact, many successes may take place by ‘accident’.

– This was the case when we tried out cooperation with the German Beckhoff more or less by chance. The result ended up being mind-blowing! We just knew how to combine the right things. It was a so-called lucky accident. We have now started to expand the idea to other companies in Finland and Europe.

Experimentation can lead to success, especially in matters where your expertise can really shine. This was the case with *a pilot project Process Genius carried out with Fortum* (https://www.epressi.com/tiedotteet/talous/process-genius-otti-jatti-harppauksen-eteenpain-yhdessa-fortumin-kanssa.html).

– Mind-blowing ideas usually come about when many things are combined in a multidisciplinary manner. Consequently, in the future, new innovations can be developed for traditional fields, such as workshops. Typically, when a basic experience is combined with a wild idea or a new way of doing things – this is when new ideas start popping up!

According to Akkila, the Start Me Up business idea competition is an excellent place to test out the functionality of one’s own idea, as you can throw even the wildest thoughts into the lion’s den in a flexible and entirely risk-free manner.



Although Jani Akkila has come up with a fair amount of mind-blowing ideas in the world of business, he has also made similar observations about people and life in general.

– Trust in people and believe in goodwill. Of course you will sometimes be the underdog and some people may use you, but that’s just what sometimes happens. Despite this, you should not become cynical.

Akkila, who has mind-blowing networks in the field of business, encourages people to take care of their personal contacts.

– You should maintain your networks. There may be some mind-blowing connections there that could be useful in the future. Without networks, you cannot really do much.

But how to network like Akkila? The only tip this man has to offer is the advice to be your own self and do as much as possible.

– When you are involved in a lot of things, you will inevitably bump into some mind-blowing characters. That’s how networks grow.

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