Time to blow our minds!

Have you got a business idea? Is it downright mind-blowing?
Fantastic! Share it with us and blow our minds!

The Start Me Up business idea competition is again open for submissions. This year, we are looking for ideas that do not make a light bulb go on over our heads, but downright blow our minds!

In other words, we are looking for MIND-BLOWING ideas.


Is your idea a new golden product? An exceptional service? A strong concept? A cool application? Or something totally different? It doesn’t matter: the main thing is that you think it is mind-blowing!

Reveal your inner innovator and submit your mind-blowing idea to the Start Me Up business idea competition, the main prize of which is EUR 20,000 and office facilities provided by Business Joensuu for a year.

Participation in the competition is free and easy: just click here. The competition in running from 01/02 to 31/03/2020. In May, we will announce the most mind-blowing contestants of 2020 at the Start Me Up Award ceremony.


First prize:
 €20,000 + premises at Joensuu Science Park for a year!