International trade is a great opportunity for many companies to grow and develop. Some companies first establish their position on the domestic market and then develop their international sales. However, a company that is just starting out can also direct itself immediately towards the international market.

The thing to be exported doesn’t necessarily need to be a physical product, a top technology, or some cloud software. You can also export, for example, a unique business model. But whatever it may be, there are a few things that must be thought through carefully:

  • Your motives. Why is your company looking for international sales opportunities?
  • Is your product, service or unique business model in good shape?
  • Who are your target group?
  • Have you studied your target markets and the activities of your competitors?
  • What strategy will you initiate for making steady progress?
  • What kind of marketing messages and arguments do you intend to use to attract your potential customers?
  • Internationalisation is an investment – what kind of budget do you have in place for this?

The journey into the export market is not at all an impossible one. Nevertheless, it is wise to take on the journey with you good networks, skilled organisations, and people with experience. There are many organisations that can help: Business Finland, Finnvera, the Finnish Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneur organisations – and Business Joensuu, a close friend of North Karelian companies.

Please don’t hesitate to bring your questions to us!

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“When aiming for growth and internationalisation, the risks often increase. These can be managed by developing competence and procedures, as well as by realising that Business Joensuu provides support for companies.

  • Harri Palviainen, Chief Executive Officer, Business Joensuu Oy