Strong company growth often takes place by means of internationalisation. Entering new markets requires information on, for instance, the local market, business culture, legislation and necessary documents.

An example of measures that the service can include:

  • Business opportunities
  • Export and import requirements
  • Knowledge about business cultures
  • Creating partnerships and networks
  • Trade fairs, events and fact-finding trips

Similarly to our other services, internationalisation also includes an analysis of the company’s initial or current situation, which is used as the basis for planning the internationalisation measures. Thereafter, we will look for suitable partners in our extensive networks – no matter whether export or import is involved. In accordance with your needs, our internationalisation services can include everything from consulting to legal counselling or training for arranging presentations at trade fairs.

We take our companies and groups of companies abroad to search for new information, ideas and models for their own activities, as well as to network, benchmark and learn new things. Similarly, we bring in visitors from abroad and acquaint them with the companies and research institutions of our region. This way, we market our expertise and businesses, and generate new cooperation. We use our extensive networks in the organisation of carefully planned visits. You can find out about most of the study trips abroad in our events calendar.

External financing is also strongly linked to internationalisation, and we can provide assistance in applying for such funding. It is easy to find local cooperative partners in the destination country through our networks.

Our strong competence areas are, in particular, Europe, Russia, Japan, China and the United States. We can help you determine suitable target markets, countries and regions. In education export, we have strong contacts in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world.

We know international experts living in Joensuu, who can help you in the different phases of internationalisation. Help is also available via TalentHub Joensuu, which brings together international experts.

Please contact us and let us know your company’s goals in terms of internationalisation, so we can plan a service package tailored to your needs!