Different events, seminars and training sessions are our tool to bring the latest information for the benefit of companies and experts. External experts from abroad often participate in the events. For example, the short Business Café events targeted at smaller groups of people delve into a specific topic in a precise manner.

We create collaborative platforms and formats for the purposes of transferring expertise and technology, such as Green Hub, to support research and companies. We combine different competences to generate new innovations and business. The competence may be connected to, for example, technology, processes or business. In addition to direct business contacts and guidance, knowledge transfer takes place, in practice, at seminars, training events, trade fairs and during company visits, to mention a few examples. A good example of this is the Forest & Photonics event and innovation platform. In addition, we promote the commercialisation of research results and their exploitation in business.

We can connect you with cooperative partners in areas such as research, education, design, implementation or consulting and financing, both in Finland and internationally.

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