The path to growth is a three-stage process:

  • Evaluating the business idea
  • START- coaching (six-week intensive phase)
  • ACCELERATE -the accelerator (duration 1–3 years)

In the first phase we examine your business idea, its level of readiness, and if the idea has potential as a business venture. If this is the case, we move on to START coaching where we create a business operating plan including calculations, while improving entrepreneurial readiness. After this, some of the business ideas move on to the ACCELERATE -accelerator.

Your path to the accelerator may also go through other channels in our services. With each business idea we always seek to set up an optimal path in our services, or we will steer you to the best possible help with your idea.


START offers a path for developing a business idea, or early-stage business activities. Skills that are needed in entrepreneurship are enhanced during the coaching, and the business idea is analysed and developed. You do not need to have a business at the beginning of START.

START helps create a high-quality business plan and calculations. With them as a foundation, the good groundwork will help you launch your business activities, or you will do better in the business activities that you have already started.

The coaching takes about six weeks. In that time, you will take part in five group coaching sessions and two private coaching sessions, as well as expert coaching events of your choice. Expert coaching sessions are held constantly, and you can select the sessions that you want even after the intensive phase. Typically, the plans are supplemented and developed several months after the intensive phase.

Those who have gone through START may apply for Business Joensuu’s ACCELERATE business accelerator where the plan will turn into a concrete growing business activity.


The accelerator phase involves sparring the company’s activities in operations such as marketing, sales, corporate finances and funding, administration, and other practical issues of the initial phase. Development takes place in close cooperation with business coaches. In addition to this, different types of training are arranged to prepare entrepreneurs for successful business activities.

In the accelerator a strong base is created for developing and increasing business activities. The phase takes 1–3 years.

Do you have a business idea? Are you seeking growth? Contact us, and we will look for a suitable way to move forward!