The accelerator is a three-phase process:

  • Assessment of the business idea
  • Preliminary accelerator (duration approximately 6 months)
  • Business accelerator (duration 1 to 3 years)

In the first phase, we will examine your business idea, its readiness and whether the idea could turn into a business. If this is the case, you can proceed to the preliminary business accelerator. If your business idea still requires further development, we can help you in the services for start-ups, or you will be directed elsewhere to receive the most appropriate help.

Preliminary accelerator

In the preliminary accelerator, the conditions and requirements of your future business will be planned and mapped. A business plan will be drawn up for your business idea, based on a description of the business model. The plan will include a description of the business, calculations concerning the future of the business, and financing possibilities. This phase usually takes about 6 months.

If a profitable business opportunity can be envisioned at the end of the phase, a company will be established and you will have the option to move into the accelerator phase.


In the accelerator phase, your business will be coached in marketing, sales, corporate finances and financing, administration and other practical start-up matters. Diverse training will give entrepreneurs the skills needed in successful business.

The business accelerator lays a strong foundation for the development and growth of your business! The accelerator phase lasts between 1 and 3 years.

Have you got a business idea? Contact us, and together we can find the appropriate way to turn your idea into a business, and set up a company.