International talents are an important factor in the development and competitiveness of a company. On many fields, competition for talents is fierce and the lack of proper expertise is often a barrier for growth in a company. It’s important for North Karelia that international talents find their way to the region and that their relocation here is so effortless that it’s easy for them to settle and stay here permanently.

The Become Karelian recruitment service helps you find the right experts for your company quickly and easily. In cooperation with the partners in target countries, we take care of the entire recruitment process and help the employee and their family relocate in the North Karelia region. We tailor our services to meet your business needs. The service is provided jointly by Business Joensuu, the Regional Council of North Karelia and the City of Joensuu.

After successful recruitment, the networks that were mapped out during the process remain available to your company to facilitate future recruitment.

Whatever your company is looking for – we will find the talent you most need!


Recruitment service description / Business Joensuu

  • We will determine the potential target areas and partners together with your company.
  • We will also help you determine the competence and skills needed in the job.
  • We find potential recruits that your company can interview.
  • After a successful recruitment process, we help the new employee find the right relocation services in the region.



Service description of relocation in the area / City of Joensuu


  • A regional contact person to assist your company and the international talent
  • The regional recruitment information service provides the recruited person with information about North Karelia and the region’s services such as housing, day-care centres and schools. Information is provided locally in the country of origin and remotely.
  • Expert advice related to residence and work permits
  • Relocation services, i.e. concrete assistance for the new recruit in the region during relocation
    • Registration at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and other official matters
    • Opening a bank account
    • Housing procurement and furnishing
    • Visits to the day-care centre and school together
    • Guidance and advice on everyday matters for the international experts and their families
    • Information and training services (facilitating the entire recruitment process) are offered to your company and its immediate supervisors

The service is suitable for your company If

  • Your company has a longer-term need for additional personnel
  • Your company needs specific expertise
  • Your company is growing and becoming international

The service is suitable for companies on any industry and of any size as long as they operate in North Karelia.


Why should your company collaborate with Business Joensuu in international recruitment?

  • Ensure the availability of skilled labour
  • Building a long-term and permanent recruitment channel
  • Develop your company’s competitiveness and international practices
  • Evolve your work community and its international atmosphere
  • Benefit from an affordable, easy and straightforward process: Practical matters related to relocation in the region are handled by the City of Joensuu
  • Ensure that the international recruit and their family can settle and stay in the region.

Karelics Ltd. in Joensuu has recruited employees from several countries

price of service

  • 500 €/company + 24% VAT
  • The price includes a maximum of 2 persons to be recruited.


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