Each of us has a chance to succeed, but usually you can’t do it all alone. We need people around us to encourage and support us during moments of uncertainty and to celebrate our accomplishments.  In the ACCELERATE programme, you will work on business growth and get the tools for successful business. As a result, you get a strong foundation for your company’s development and growth, also internationally.

The year-long ACCELERATE programme is made up of the following modules according to your company’s needs:

  • Unbeatable customer benefit
  • Strategy
  • Management, HR
  • Financing / business economics
  • IPR
  • Production
  • R&D/technologies
  • International business, sales, sales management
  • Digitalisation
  • Marketing communications
  • Service design

ACCELERATE is targeted at companies that are starting up and seeking goal-oriented growth in international business. Long-term development work will be carried out over 1 year. In addition to Business Joensuu’s four business coaches, you will have access to a number of external experts. You will also have the opportunity to participate in expert coaching that is organised on a constant basis.


ACCELERATE – a highway to the world

  • 1 year contract, option to extend the contract one year at a time up to 3 years
  • Goal-oriented sparring meeting once a month on average
  • For existing companies with a desire to grow and internationalise
  • Clarifies strategy and builds a mind-set for customer-oriented business
  • Opportunity to use the ACCELERATE facilities of Joensuu Science Park for €100/month/seat
  • €1200/year, tax-deductible
  • The service is available for companies operating in Heinävesi, Ilomantsi, Joensuu, Outokumpu or Polvijärvi


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