We will offer you free, low-threshold advice to enable you to submit tenders for public competitive tendering. We will assist you in finding invitations to tender, preparing tenders, using electronic procurement systems and devising search alerts. We will also organise procurement events specific to the various sectors and municipalities, which you can find in our event calendar. Advice is free of charge.

You can contact us in all matters related to public procurement, such as:

  • Finding invitations to tender in various procurement portals
  • Devising a free-of-charge search alert to enable you to receive real-time emails when invitations to tender in your branch of activity are published
  • Using the various electronic procurement systems
  • Obtaining advice on how to prepare tenders
  • Obtaining information on other matters related to public procurement, such as requests for speakers for different procurement events

The annual volume of public procurement in Finland amounts to approximately EUR 47 billion – are you ready to take your share of that?

Tips for entrepreneurs on public procurement

1. Participate in market dialogues and respond to requests for information – this is your way to influence invitations to tender!
2. Create search alerts for procurement notification channels – this will enable you not to spend time and effort on searching for invitations to tender!
3. Join the “Luotettava kumppani” (“trusted partner”) service – joining the service is not mandatory, but it will facilitate the bidding process. The service collects and includes in a register all the appendices that you need under the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out, which you always need if a tendering process exceeds EUR 5,000
4. With regard to invitations to tender, please pay attention to the following:
– Dates – be on time!
– Suitability requirements, minimum requirements and comparison criteria – what is required of the product or service offered?
5. Please note that the tenderer may also be a start-up company or a newly established company
6. If the invitation to tender contains turnover or reference requirements, submit your tender as part of a consortium – it is worth utilising one’s own networks!
7. Manage your customers well and give them constructive feedback during the contract period
8. Take advantage of Business Joensuu’s free procurement advisory service
9. Do not hesitate to tell us about your new ideas – you can also sell B2B to the public sector!
10. Stay in sync with the business; as procurement changes, the world also changes!

Useful links for the tenderer

  • www.hankintailmoitukset.fi or HILMA – national and EU-level procurement notices, market surveys and contract award notices
    • Here is a video on how to devise a search alert – you may also contact Business Joensuu’s Procurement Advice Team; together, we can devise a search alert for you!
  • www.pienhankintapalvelu.fi – small-scale procurement and how to submit tenders for it
    • You can also construct a search alert for the small-scale procurement service – please contact Business Joensuu’s Procurement Advice Team!
  • www.tarjouspalvelu.fi – submitting tenders for national and EU-level procurement
  • www.hankintakalenteri.fi – future competitive tendering and procurement decisions
  • www.vastuugroup.fi – “Luotettava kumppani” (“trusted partner”) service
    • In all procurements exceeding EUR 5,000, the tenderer must attach to the tender appendices sated in the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out. By joining the trusted partner service, the programme will retrieve these appendices from different registers and keep the information up to date. Joining the trusted partner service is not mandatory, but it will facilitate the bidding process.
    • Price € 90/year + VAT 24%
  • www.hankinnat.fi -A wealth of general information on public information

Procurement advice has been offered to North Karelian entrepreneurs since 2014. Business Specialist Pinja Konttinen at Business Joensuu has been providing advice since 2020. Project funding: Business Joensuu Oy, North Karelia Entrepreneurs’ Association, KETI Ltd, LieKe Oy and PIKES Ltd.