Finding the right expert and recruiting a new employee are some of the key factors defining the growth and development of your business. Sometimes you may find the required expertise outside your company, for instance, via a new subcontractor, or through work practice or a cooperative. When faced with growth and changes, you may require training tailored to your company’s needs, and a broader development of competence.

Our services include, for instance,

  • coaching and information events for employers
  • determining the support available for employment purposes
  • cooperation with employment and recruitment operators
  • broader development of the company’s expertise

Efficient development of competence is always based on a clear strategy and business plan. We will analyse your company’s current situation, and determine what the development of expertise means for your company. In concrete terms, the development of competence may consist of various different elements, such as company- or group-specific coaching and training, related seminars or trips abroad for the purpose of finding more information.

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