Practical support for your company’s digital development!

The DigiGrow service assists you in increasing your digital competence and finding the tools that are best suited for your business. You do not need to have an understanding of technical terminology. We will work with an impartial expert to find solutions that suit your business needs – and all this in clear Finnish!

At the beginning of the service, we will map out your company’s key digital development needs, after which you will have the opportunity to take part in practical workshops where you will learn to use of digital tools that are suited for your company. Workshop training topics include:

  •     Search engine optimisation for websites
  •     The ABCs of digital marketing
  •     Facebook advertising
  •     Google advertising
  •     LinkedIn advertising
  •     Google Analytics training
  •     Content production for online publications and social media
  •     Production planning systems and ERP solutions
  •     Remote conference tools
  •     Opportunities provided by Office 365
  •     Free tools for entrepreneurs

In addition to workshops,  company and fair visits in Finland and abroad can prove to be good opportunities for gaining ideas and new tips for the digitalisation of your activities. You will have the support of an expert who will help you cultivate your ideas and find suitable partners When these new ideas mature into investments, you can easily get financial guidance from our adviser. You will be given help in mapping out financing sources, the planning of investment and development projects, and support in filling out funding applications.

Interested? Sign up for our service via this link. We will take on new companies as places become available. The participation fee for the service is 300/500 €, depending on the turnover of the participating company (less than/more than 700,000 €). Costs exceeding the participation fee are De minimis support for the company.

We regularly organise webinars where we discuss the possibilities and requirements of digital tools regardless of the systems in use. Follow our announcements and join us!