The direction of development will be defined by analysing your company’s current situation and business plan. If updates are required, we will work with you to start a strategy process. It will help you to clarify your business plan and shape your strategy. In addition, we can help you to plan the necessary development measures. We will engage in long-term development with you. If you wish, we can help you to implement and monitor the entire development programme.

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Public bidding and sales coaching

Public organisations arrange competitive tendering in small and large scale, commonly known as public procurement. In the case of larger and more specialised procurement contracts, organisations may ask for companies’ opinions and ideas about the content of the tendering already during its preparatory phase. In public procurement, the calls for tender are mainly published in different electronic services, and the bids will also have to be submitted electronically.

We provide advice on how to make your voice heard at the preparatory phases of procurement, and how to submit a bid for public procurement. The advice is very practical: we will help you to use electronic bidding systems and to submit your bid in the right way. At the same time, we can go through your other needs related to selling, and, if required, organise the necessary coaching. In addition to personal guidance, we organise networking events for buyers in companies and public procurement, such as procurement evenings.

Public procurement also takes place abroad. Through us, you will have access to up-to-date information on, for example, public bidding and calls for tender taking place in Northern Sweden and Northern Norway.

Seize the opportunity to make more sales, and submit your bid to public procurement! In North Karelia, for instance, there may be several dozen open tenders. We can help you.

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