The world’s biggest forest machinery factory John Deere Forestry Ltd is located in Joensuu, surrounded by a world leading cluster of companies manufacturing forest machinery. There is a particularly extensive amount of machine manufacturing related to wood harvesting.

The other cornerstone is the manufacture of different work machinery and equipment, their parts, as well as services. The third important element is the product development and manufacturing of lock security.

In recent years, companies in the region have paid more and more attention to providing their customers with comprehensive solutions. This is based on company’s own products and services covering the products’ entire lifespan. The region also has an extensive subcontracting industry, and the related component manufacture is based on metal machining, sheet metal processing as well as welding and assembly. The region also offers expertise in plastic and nature fibre composites, and the manufacture of moulds.

New opportunities can be found in sectoral interfaces

Joensuu region offers technological companies great opportunities to create new innovations by combining their own excellence with Joensuu’s expertise in forest biology, photonics and ICT. There are various related companies, and research, education and development activities in the region. Companies manufacturing highly processed plastic products and meeting international standards also operate in the Joensuu area.

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