Located on the campus of the University of Eastern Finland, the Institute of Photonics has a thoroughly cross-disciplinary strategy. The European Optical Society EOS is based in Joensuu. The society is a European cooperation forum between individuals, companies and other organisations working with optics. Moreover, Joensuu is also home to the national photonics cluster Photonics Finland, which develops the field of photonics from basic research to the development and market launch of new products. Business Joensuu develops the innovation ecosystem of photonics together with EOS and Photonics Finland.

Joensuu has started an educational pathway in photonics, which will provide photonics training to all levels of education. This enables the training of future experts in photonics.

Photonics is an unprejudiced facilitator

Photonics means the production, processing and observation of light. It is one of the most significant technologies of our time, which takes advantage of other sectors and produces new information. The field is growing rapidly. Photonics is involved in everything from lasers, LEDs and solar panels to cancer treatment and food safety. There are limitless possibilities for its use in the electronics industry, energy sector, as well as pharmaceuticals and the food industry.

Photonics enables, for instance, the use of augmented reality and its expansion to everyday equipment and industrial applications. Already now, photonics facilitates new manufacturing processes and significant energy savings.

The barriers between sectors are broken in Joensuu by combining photonics with forest bioeconomy. The strong expertise of photonics in Joensuu consists of optics design and manufacture, as well as comprehensive national and international networks in the field. These collectively provide companies with more and more opportunities for cooperation and new business.

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Forest&Photonics is a unique professional event that brings together the forest and technology experts to network, collaborate and share their experiences, challenges and solutions. Already fifth time arranged event is for forest sector and technology companies, researchers, business developers and specialists. Forest&Photonics 2019 will take place 7th – 8th October in Koli, Finland.