Photonics Education in Joensuu – Adapted to meet the company needs

Photonics Education path provides photonics training adapted to meet your company’s needs on all levels from vocational to doctoral studies. The training is organised jointly with Riveria vocational school, Karelia University of Applied Sciences and the University of Eastern Finland. The demand for new photonics experts is high in both Finland and Europe. Businesses in the field of photonics grow rapidly every year.



Vocational education provided in a versatile and practical manner.



Vocational continuing education for product manufacturers, product development and testing, and expert services.

The unique Institute of Photonics boasts world-class facilities and provides education from summer courses to doctoral studies.



Riveria – Introduction to photonics

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Riveria provides versatile continuing education to meet the constantly growing labour needs in the field of photonics. The training content can be adapted to your company’s requirements. At the end of the course, the participants’ skills are assessed in accordance with the relevant competence requirements.


The training provides capacities to apply photonics technologies in versatile operating environments. You can also select separate courses that meet the needs of an individual company or student.

  • 1. Introduction to Photonics, 4 cp
  • 2. Occupational Laser Safety, 1 cp
  • 3. Basics of Clean Room Operation, 2 cp
  • 4. Handling Optical Components, 3 cp
  • 5. Basics of 3D Design, 2 cp
  • 6. CNC Machining, 2 cp
  • 7. 3D Printing, 1 cp



Update your safety skills to meet today’s needs.
An opportunity to implement your own laser safety training.



Examination of photonics phenomena and their application in the context of modern technology.



The course involves three workshops: clean room operation, fume hood operation and chemicals, the cleanness of optical components.


Karelia – Photonics for product manufacturers

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Karelia University of Applied Sciences provides bachelor’s degree education, continuing education, expert services as well as product development and testing in the field of photonics. Our education and development environment has been specifically designed to meet industrial needs.

PRECISION ENGINEERING, 15 cr, part of bachelor’s degree education

The training focuses on precision manufacturing from the perspectives of photonics products, plastic and locking products as well as component manufacture for mobile machinery.

The training includes

  • Precision manufacturing – powder metallurgical manufacturing process, product design and mould design
  • Tolerance analysis – CETOL software
  • CAM design and CNC technology
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies – MIM process and diamond machining
  • Measurement – 3D laser scanning, articulated arm measuring and coordinate measuring
  • Reverse engineering



The training days provide companies with education on the application of precision manufacture. The content can be customised to discuss aspects related to the manufacture of the company’s products. The training is particularly aimed at companies specialising in precision machining and the manufacture of precision components.

  • Manufacture of optical components
  • High-speed machining & mould manufacture


We provide our expert services jointly with a diverse range of business and industry operators.


We implement applied product development, testing and research at companies.


We offer precision manufacturing with high-speed milling and diamond machining.


UEF – From summer studies to doctoral degrees

Tutustu koulutuksiin:

The UEF provides an international Master’s Degree Programme in Photonics, three separate Erasmus+ master’s degree programmes implemented jointly with international universities and a Doctoral Programme in Science, Technology and Computing.

  • We collaborate closely with businesses.
  • Master’s theses in cooperation with companies.
  • Doctoral programmes with companies, the UEF shares the employee’s salary costs with the company.


  • Basics of optical design
  • Intoduction to optomechanical design

Open University

  • Introduction to photonics
    The online course instructed in Finnish is open to everyone and suitable for those interested in photonics.
    Mathematical formulas are not required for the completion of the course.


Update your safety skills to meet today’s needs. An opportunity to implement your own laser safety training.


Examination of photonics phenomena and their application in the context of modern technology.


The course involves three workshops: clean room operation, fume hood operation and chemicals, the cleanness of optical components.



Joensuu, at the heart of photonics

Interdisciplinary optics research in Finland is centred in the Institute of Photonics in Joensuu. In Europe, photonics has been defined as a key technology for modernising industry. In addition to traditional industries, its effect reaches various other fields of the future, such as the solutions of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Together, the photonics-based companies and photonics education and development organisations in Joensuu form a strong international hub, which is also attractive to many companies that make use of photonics, such as Hypermeno, Nanocomp and Dispelix.

Unique technology

The 3D optics printer introduced to the Institute of Photonics in the University of Eastern Finland in early 2016 is the only one of its kind in the world. The most advanced 3D printer of optical components can, in record speed, print challenging optical parts and prototypes for industry use, such as prisms, hybrid lenses and different types of free-form optics. In Joensuu, it is possible to make a range of products from nano- and microscale optics to precision optical components and waveguides fabricated in a roll-to-roll process.


A strong ecosystem

Photonics is already used in areas such as communications, biomedicine, energy and environmental technology, manufacturing technology and consumer products. New applications and businesses are generated continuously. The photonics ecosystem in Joensuu consists of research and development in the field, optics manufacturing, as well as training based on companies’ needs and tailored to different educational levels.

Participating in the flagship programme

The University of Eastern Finland participates in the Academy of Finland flagship programme of photonics research and innovations, which plays an important role in the creation of future competence and sustainable solutions in Finland. It also contributes significantly to the development of economic growth by, among other things, introducing new business opportunities. The programme funding for photonics is 50 million euros for the period running from 2019 to 2022.

Joensuu Photonics Business and Research Centre

Joensuu region will be developed into a top place for companies and organisations in the photonics cluster. This refers to the infrastructure required by companies and research institutions, ranging from clean rooms and laboratory facilities to production spaces, as well as to educational cooperation and networks for developing business.

Already now, photonics companies in Joensuu contribute significantly to the international and domestic industry in the region. The European photonics market is worth about 70 billion euros, and the industry employs approximately 300,000 people. In Finland, the market is worth about one billion euros, and over 4,000 people are employed by the more than 200 companies in the field. During the past ten years (from 2005 to 2015), the photonics industry has grown twice as fast as the gross national product. The photonics industry’s goal is to triple the production of photonics products by 2030, exceeding over 200 billion euros in value.

“Smart glasses and extended reality can be a form of entertainment, similar to games or other playful pastimes. In addition, they can be a tool for doctors, designers and teachers.”

– Petri Stenberg, Dispelix Oy, Joensuu office –


Forest&Photonics is a unique professional event that brings together the forest and technology experts to network, collaborate and share their experiences, challenges and solutions. The event will take its place every year in a very unique landscape of Koli National Park in Finland. For 2020 Forest&Photonics has cancelled its normal event because of the Covid19 pandemic and will be arranged as a webinar in 1st December. This webinar will be a pre-event and follow the themes for upcoming Forest&Photonics 2021.