In addition to gaming companies that make traditional amateur video and computer games, the region is also home to studios which focus on gaming and cinema sound, ICT companies that utilise gaming technology and companies focused on industrial 3D visualisation. Some of the companies also offer 3D modelling, drone imaging or VR and AR productions. The area is also home to creative arts companies, teaching technology providers and travel destinations, which utilise light and virtual technology in their activities. Joensuu also boasts Europe’s leading photonics cluster.

The region has an abundance of expertise in the gaming and visualisation fields due to the gaming and visualisation studies as well as education related to audio, imaging and presentation technology offered in the area.

The VR LAB, production and testing environment for new VR and AR expertise is currently being built at the Joensuu Science Park. The project is being jointly headed by the University of Eastern Finland and Business Joensuu. By combining expertise and technological solutions companies can pilot new types of visual concepts in the VR LAB, which will be related to things such as forest bioindustry, teaching technology, urban planning, event planning and tourism.

Illusion, a yearly gaming industry and gaming music industry event is organised in Joensuu. Business Joensuu develops application development for virtual reality and augmented reality as well as the gaming industry together with FIVR and Neogames.

Virtual reality and augmented reality applications

Various virtual reality, augmented reality and extended reality applications are used more and more in marketing, product visualisation, teaching, event production and television broadcasts. In the creative arts, also museums, festivals, events, music, theatre, lighting and art installations produce content using these technologies.

By combining new visualisation technologies and expertise companies can give their customers an increasing amount of new content for visualisations, interactive applications and learning environments. For example, research groups at the University of Eastern Finland’s School of Computing have created ground-breaking interactive technology for hospital operating theatre monitoring methods and simulated environments. Additionally, solutions related to monitoring vision have been integrated into forest machine cabs.

Gaming, VR and AR technologies facilitate the creation of different types of visualisations, for example, for the needs of tourism, the forest, construction, mining, metal and plastics industries, event productions and urban planning.

At the moment, VR and AR technologies are one of the fastest growing application areas. Do you want to find out what the gaming industry has to offer for your company? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Examples of visualisation









Science Park 3D Scanning (Flyfoto Oy)








Virtual Forest (VR LAB prototypes)
















Kingshunt (Multiplayer PC game / Vaki Games Oy)








Koli 360 VR imaging (Saarikorpi/360 Panorama)