There are over 300 creative companies in Joensuu and the region of North Karelia. These businesses bring added value to companies in other sectors in terms of product development, service design or digital visibility. The creative industries play an important role also in terms of the area’s visibility and image.

East Finland Film Commission EFFC is the regional cooperative partner and coordinator in film and television production. In 2017 and 2018, approximately 15 productions of varying length were filmed in North Karelia. This includes television commercials, documentaries and series, as well as short and feature-length films.

Film commission enables audiovisual productions

East Finland Film Commission brings together film and television producers, local service providers and educational institutions providing experts in stage construction, communications and acting for your productions.

Film and television productions filming in North Karelia have access to audiovisual production support (link in Finnish) from the Regional Council of North Karelia. The audiovisual fund follows the principle of 25% return of money spent in the area.

The North Karelian landscape offers an impressive stage for various purposes, such as luxury brands’ promotional product videos, period films, and foreign advertising or documentary productions. In the region, majestic hills and snowy winters are combined with the beautiful landscapes of the Finnish Lakeland. The landscapes and the diverse services have already attracted, for instance, Chinese, Italian, German and Japanese production groups to make their own documentaries and advertisements in the area.

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