The Joensuu sub-region includes the city of Joensuu, Kontiolahti, Liperi, Outokumpu, Polvijärvi, Juuka and Ilomantsi. Overall, the sub-region is home to over 124 000 people. North Karelia has a population of approximately 164 000.

Joensuu and Joensuu sub-region

Urban and youthful

The city of Joensuu is a regional centre of North Karelia with a population of approximately 76 000. A third of the residents is under the age of 30. Joensuu is also a city of 20 000 students: every fifth person walking along the street is a student.

Joensuu is an urban and modern city – almost like a mini New York! Beautiful and a bit rough, Karelian culture mixed with high technology, peace and life pulsating to an international beat. Joensuu region has exceptionally much to offer for the development and internationalisation of companies.

Good life

Joensuu is a great place to live in, at least according to 96% of the city residents. Everyday luxury is provided by nature, stunning waterways, culture, housing, great accessibility and services. North Karelians are well-known for their hospitality and joyous character – they are creative and crazy in a good way!

It is easy to move about in the city: everything is close by. In Joensuu, you will not get stuck in morning traffic. You can save time for the essentials, as everyday journeys do not take up too much time. It is easy to move about on foot, or by bike, bus or car. By the way, people cycle and walk their daily journeys in Joensuu more than anywhere else in Finland. This is beneficial for nature and health.