Joensuu has implemented a climate strategy since 2010. The goal is to make Joensuu carbon neutral by 2025.

  • Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 60% compared to year 2007.
  • Transport emissions will be reduced, and people will move more on foot, by bike and by public transport.
  • By the year 2025, at least 90% of final energy consumption will be based on renewable energy sources.
  • By 2025, energy consumption will be reduced by a minimum of 25% compared to year 2007.
  • The amount of waste will be reduced and recycling will be made more effective.

Climate target creates new business

Joensuu will also commit companies to cooperation in climate change by supporting their environmental competence. New business activities and employment can be generated with the circular economy model, which does not produce any waste but keeps materials and their value in circulation.

Welcome to take part in piloting!

Companies have many service and product innovations requiring a good piloting environment to test and verify the functionality of new solutions. Such an environment is available in Joensuu Science Park on Länsikatu. The innovation campus of Business Joensuu has made both small and large efforts for the climate for years – also in cooperation with companies.

Green Business Joensuu

In 2012, almost 61% of all waste was mixed waste. Special attention was paid to the matter, the sorting facilities of waste were reorganised and communications was made more effective. In 2014, the amount of mixed waste was only 8.6%, the amount of energy waste 41.8%, and the share of recyclable waste accounted for 49.6%.

Solar panels produce energy on the roof of the science park, and you can see the profit figures in real time here. Environmental thinking was extended to the energy efficiency of facilities and transport, as well as reducing the amount of food waste. Instead of a car, we offer bicycles, an electric bicycle and an electric kickboard for work-related travel. There is a charging point for two electric cars on campus.

Carbon neutral Joensuu 2025, read more about the objectives and concrete measures here: