Joensuu Airport is located in Liperi, approximately 11 kilometres from the centre of Joensuu. Joensuu is an international business city, and the flight connections to Helsinki and the world are crucial. Almost 120 000 passengers travelled through the airport in 2017. The airport has good bus connections to the centre of Joensuu and back.

Highway connections

The most important roads are highways 6, 9 and 23. Highway 6 goes from Loviisa to Kajaani via Joensuu. Highway 9 goes from Turku to the Niirala border crossing point in Tohmajärvi via Kuopio and Joensuu. Highway 23 travels across Finland from Pori to Joensuu via Jyväskylä and Varkaus.

Rail connections

Joensuu has direct train connections to Helsinki via Lappeenranta, to Pieksämäki via Varkaus and to Nurmes via Lieksa. Six trains go from Joensuu to Helsinki on weekdays, and two to Pieksämäki and Nurmes. On weekdays, the same number of trains arrive at and depart from Joensuu to and from different directions. The fastest connection to Helsinki currently takes 4h 13min, and the slowest 4h 41min. The connection to Saint Petersburg via Kouvola takes approximately 6 to 7 hours by Allegro. Altogether 486 000 journeys departed from Joensuu station in 2017.

Freight is transported to the south/west mainly along the Karelian railway. Smaller amounts of freight are also transported towards Oulu. Industrial products are transported along the railway every day. The main focus is on raw timber. Joensuu also has a connection of freight transport to China via Kouvola. For instance, Enocell located in Joensuu uses the new railway line opened in 2017, which is faster than sea transport. The company produces dissolving pulp, which is used, among other purposes, for the production of clothes in China.

Port of Joensuu

Joensuu region is a part of a large Baltic island connected to all seas of the world. Via the port of Joensuu, raw wood, round wood, pillars, pulp and talc are exported. Fodder, road salt and cement, among other products, are transported to Joensuu via the port. In 2017, the amount of import and export was 270 thousand tonnes in total. Every year, 100 to 150 foreign ships and 60 to 90 Finnish ships visit the port of Joensuu.

Environmentally-friendly water transport is under continuous development. The waterway to the world goes through the Saimaa Canal. The repairs are expected to be completed in 2019. The objective is to shorten the winter stoppages in Joensuu port to one month from the current two.

Niirala border crossing point

Located in Tohmajärvi, Niirala is the easternmost international border crossing point in the European Union. The distance from Joensuu to Niirala is approximately 75 kilometres, which takes about one hour by car. In 2017, over 1.2 million border crossings took place in Niirala. The border crossing point is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.