The symmetrical city divided into two by River Pielisjoki is a manifestation of sustainable development and ecological urban planning of the new era. It also offers companies opportunities for cooperation. The entity comprises different parts: various residential areas, the station area, Tikkamäki Health Park, GreenPark business park, business premises, commerce and services, university campuses, and areas for sports and recreation.

Smart Joensuu

The cutting theme in the planning and implementation of the symmetrical city is green growth – paying attention to the environment and sustainable development. It is all about innovative solutions, the use of digitalisation, intelligent energy solutions, insights of the circular economy, low emission transport – taking into account ecological solutions in all areas of daily life. Joensuu grows and develops in a business-friendly way by improving the quality of life and reducing environmental stress.

Development platform and opportunity for cooperation

The growing Joensuu offers companies an opportunity to participate in the creation of something new. The development platforms consist of, for instance, housing, transport, employment, leisure time, the sharing economy and recycling. Joensuu sets an example for the others in timber construction, as the highest wooden apartment building in Finland will be completed on the western shore of River Pielisjoki in 2019.  Constructed by student housing company Joensuun Elli, the building will have 14 floors. The building will also function as a development platform: meters will be installed to collect information on structural deflection, horizontal sway and the functionality of structural heating and moisture technology.

Percent for art in Joensuu

When constructing the symmetrical city, Joensuu rooted the Percent for Art principle as part of the building of the Penttilänranta residential area. According to the principle, around one percent of the construction budget is spent on art. Using the new models of multi-mode living and insightful solutions, an entirely new type of residential area resembling a city centre is formed. The area has expanded rapidly, and the builders – as well as residents in the area – have accepted the artwork as their own. Learn more about Penttilänranta art and the percent Percent for Art principle (links in Finnish)!

Development platforms for your use

There are various operators in the Joensuu region enabling cooperation with different companies and other operators:

Startup Hub
Start Me Up business idea competition
Joensuu City Challenge innovation competition 
Draft programme
Epic Challenge programme
GreenHUB  (link in Finnish)
Carbon neutral Joensuu 2025 (link in Finnish)
Sirkkala Energy Park (link in Finnish)
UEF Sm4rtLab