There are 20 000 students in Joensuu, which is more than in any other Finnish city in proportion to the number of inhabitants. Over 5 000 people in the entire region work in education. Companies and educational institutions have collaborated for long, and now the Joensuu region takes the education ecosystem even further.

An easily approachable network

In Joensuu everything is nearby: schools offering basic education, the University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Riveria.  The doors are also open to companies and organisations searching for cooperative partners and development platforms for the creation and testing of innovations related to education. We have a strong will: the importance of learning and education is highlighted in the changing world, and Joensuu is one of the forerunners in this change.

Yes – we already have something to show!

Based in Joensuu, the pioneer of digital learning Valamis helps NASA populate Mars. Our cooperation network in education has established contacts in South America, and also set up commerce there. It was also all about education business when Abloy piloted the new solution of lock technology at Nepenmäki School in Joensuu. Technology company Sensire, in turn, used Karhunmäki Primary School in Joensuu as a development platform for sensor technology solutions monitoring heating, water consumption and solar energy production. Information provided by the sensors is available to pupils in an electronic learning environment, and it can be used, for instance, in the teaching of sustainable development.

Business Joensuu at your service

Joensuu schools will provide platforms for research and development. Doors will be open to the cooperation forum of education export at Global Education Park Finland. Companies searching for competent work force have access to educational paths. Entrepreneurial learning paths are created in accordance with the partners’ needs. The area’s knowledge base is extensive, and by combining different forms of expertise, the route to international markets will become more accessible.