Joensuu region is considerably international with its exchange students, degree students, immigrants, partners who have moved to the area, people who have studied at Joensuu and returned back from elsewhere in the world. Educated experts and productive workers. People who have knowledge about cultures, approaches and markets in the countries targeted by export companies in the area.

Internationality is beneficial for everyone

TalentHub Joensuu Catch hold of international workforce, as well as companies and organisations who needs it. We can call this international bridge building, export promotion or simply the supply of much needed workforce. What is certain, however, is that the internationalisation of companies promotes diverse and sustainable development of the entire economic structure of the Joensuu region.

Welcome to work!

TalentHub joins together international workers and companies. Companies can create a Company Card, which explains what kind of educational background, language skills and competence they require. International experts can create their own International Talent Cards. Even if many fertile meetings take place through the electronic cards, TalentHub Joensuu also gives advise to both companies and international talents face to face if required.