Owned by the city of Joensuu, ISLO is located by the Mehtimäki sports park. Training is the cornerstone of ISLO’s activities, and approximately 80 young people and adults are prepared for a career in sports every year. ISLO also offers diverse services for individuals, work communities and companies.

With Joensuu’s fantastic facilities for both summer and winter sports, it is easy to offer training and education:

  • Joensuu Arena
  • Baseball stadium
  • Recreational swimming pool Vesikko
  • Indoor ice rink for competitions and practice
  • Central sports field
  • Football field / ice rink for ice skating and ice hockey
  • Artificial turf for football
  • Skatepark
  • Ball game centre
  • Jogging/skiing track

Becoming champions with the help of networks

Young athletes can invest in their goals more easily if their everyday life runs smoothly. This is easy in Joensuu: in addition to top sports facilities, young athletes have access to high-quality coaching and diverse opportunities for studying.

Joensuu Sports Academy (link in Finnish) is a great example of the magnificent support a cooperation network can offer a student participating in competitive sports. The network of the Sports Academy comprises upper secondary schools in Joensuu centre, Riveria, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, the University of Eastern Finland and the local sports associations.

In 2018, Joensuu Sports Academy designated swimming as its focus sport. The selection as a focus sport promises something good, as proven by the previous focus sports: biathlon and baseball!