You have arrived at the new website of Business Joensuu – welcome! Here you can find facts, opinions and feelings about Joensuu and the surrounding area. About life in the eastern city, its people, businesses and internationality. We have real-life stories to tell about the enthusiasm of people living in the Joensuu area who strive to construct a better home region to live and conduct business in.

The most important place in the world. Source of inspiration. Clean nature, peace and safety are the cornerstones of life and creativity.

– light artist Kari Kola

Joensuu is a very sports- and culture-friendly city. Both the city and local businesses strive to make Joensuu attractive and comfortable to live in. We have a strong team spirit.

– Ari Mononen, CEO of Iivari Mononen

Joensuu is a city of students. Joensuu is a youthful city.

– Managing Director of Joensuu City Centre Association Anne Vänskä

We can use the university resources if needed, and the researchers have access to contacts in the world of business.

– CEO of Linnunmaa Eeva Punta

Karelians knew how to network well before the term was invented.”

– Basketball Manager of Kataja Basket Jarkko Miinin

We have a shared story to tell. Automation, moulds, project competence… We have what it takes and more! Joensuu region can offer performance and flexibility to the pharmaceutical industry.

– Plant General Manager of Phillips Medisize Perttu Huovinen

“North Karelian culture, great people, clean nature, values, safety. All these combined are the strengths of the region with diverse expertise and great commitment.”

– kauppaneuvos (Finnish honorary title) Kyösti Kakkonen

Joensuu is an urban and modern city – just like a mini New York.

– Kekäle CEO Joonas Kekäle

Joensuu takes care of its own.

– endangered newt, animal symbol of Joensuu