Joyful and vigorous cooperation characterised by youthful enthusiasm and our personnel’s strong expertise! Test, measure and model. Join us as a partner in research, development and innovation projects. Receive continuing education for your organisation, and strengthen the language skills or perhaps the export capacities of your personnel.

The top products of Karelia are:

  • Lean & Six Sigma
  • Quality competence
  • Product development in the field of plastic and metal industry
  • Design and measuring of energy solutions
  • Services of industrial wood building
  • Simulation pedagogy
  • Palliative care

Service and research environments

Each of Karelia’s three campuses offers service and research environments for business partners.

  • Dynamo – services in technology and business: high-precision technology, civil engineering and construction, mechanical and production engineering, ICT
  • Sirkkala Energy Park – services in renewable energy, such as design and measuring of energy solutions, biogas production and technologies, solar energy
  • Simula – combining the theory and practice of social and health care
  • Voimala – wellness services
  • Fysiotikka – extensive cooperation in physiotherapy between the social and health care operators in the region

Knowledge takes your business further

Cooperation is all about learning new things. The forms of cooperation are constantly developed. A great example of this is the hackathon recently started by Karelia: tackling challenges and weighing new possibilities in an innovative group of students. A skilfully guided and motivated hackathon could well be just the thing to open new doors for your company.

From Business Academy to entrepreneurship

In 2018, a Business Academy combining different fields started in Karelia. A cooperative founded and owned by students serves as the learning environment. Contact the Business Academy when you need a new vision and require help with, for instance, marketing, sales, events organising or simply new innovations.