English playschool

Joensuu English playschool is one the oldest private daycare providers in the city. In addition to English, the emphasis is on environmental issues.

Russian and entrepreneurial capabilities

The Finnish-Russian School of Eastern Finland ISK is the only international language school located outside the Helsinki region. In addition to Joensuu, ISK offers education from pre-school to upper secondary school in Lappeenranta and Imatra. The school’s special mission is to promote competence in the Russian language and culture, and to contribute to the development of entrepreneurial capacities.

Many first language options

English is the first foreign language taught at most schools in Joensuu, and it starts from third grade. If a pupil wants to choose another language as their first foreign language or to start their language studies earlier, there are various options to choose from:

  • At UEF Teacher Training School, pupils can choose between English, German or Russian as their first foreign language
  • At Joensuu Steiner School, English and Swedish start in the first grade
  • At the Finnish-Russian School of Eastern Finland, Russian starts in the first grade
  • Kanervala School is an English-speaking primary school with the portion of teaching taking place in English gradually increasing as the studies progress

Norssi is a Unesco School 

Norssi is the Teacher Training School of the University of Eastern Finland. Norssi is also a Unesco School, and the teaching emphasises human rights, World Heritage and the environment, as well as the global dimension. Norssi offers a wide selection of languages: English, Swedish, French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

International IB, Riveria and Karelia

The IB Diploma Programme at Joensuun lyseon lukio leads to an International Baccalaureate Diploma. The education lasts for three years. The first year consists of a preparatory programme, and the following two years comprise the actual IB programme.

Both the North Karelian training consortium Riveria and Karelia University of Applied Sciences offer diverse international training.