Joensuu Conservatory (link in Finnish) offers courses in classical music, pop and jazz, and folk music. The music school has 550 students. The conservatory’s music playschool invites children starting from tiny toddlers to the world of music. The music playschool currently has approximately 500 pupils, and we are happy to welcome more!

Music belongs to every special occasion

In addition to concerts held at the premises, music spreads across the daily life of all city residents. Music belongs to every special occasion, whether it is a company party, wedding, funeral, family gathering or school celebrations during Christmas or at the end of the school year in the spring. Students who have developed their music skills at the conservatory, form the backbone of musical performances at a variety of events.

From a hobby to a profession

Joensuu Conservatory is a place for music enthusiasts, but for many, it provides a route to become a professional musician. There are approximately 70 professional students at the conservatory. Various professional musicians have started their career at the conservatory, including Janne Mertanen and the Alanko siblings, who are well-known to all music lovers in Finland.

We also welcome musicians coming from elsewhere! Musicians such as cellist conductor István Záborszky and pianist Kemal Achourbekov are also firmly rooted the cultural life of Joensuu.

Joensuu Conservatory was established in 1968. We organise approximately 200 concerts annually, with approximately 20 000 visitors. In Joensuu, music belongs to everyone. Welcome to join us!