In early December, Wistec Training Oy will join companies in Joensuu focusing on sales and customer service. Wistec Training offers companies IT training in contact teaching and online. The company's headquarters are located in Helsinki. What attracted the company to Joensuu was the good availability of staff.

– We decided to expand our operations, and our primary need then was to increase our sales staff. Colleagues had told me about Joensuu as a business friendly city, it was fast to find competent staff, and above all, we were particularly impressed by Business Joensuu’s flexibility. When I first visited the site, I immediately felt that Science Park was “the place to be”, and everything went very smoothly with Business Joensuu experts from the beginning,” says Juha Huhtanen, CEO of Wistec.

Business Joensuu supports companies with relocating to Joensuu at all stages of the move, following the customer’s needs and wishes.n.

– Our goal is to make relocation as easy as possible for the customer and to help the company find suitable premises and, if necessary, help with recruitment and to identify and map cooperation networks. We were on the same page with Wistec quickly,” says Business Expert Seija Turhanen.

As a company offering Invest In and Relocation Services for customer companies, Business Joensuu has identified development needs and potential in attracting customer service centres to the region.

– Changes in the operating environment create pressure for the development of customer service practices, and in the future customer service situations will increasingly be managed remotely, which supports the establishment of new customer service centres and strengthens Joensuu’s position as a hub of this business. As business operations grow, necessary new jobs will be created. Wistec is a great addition to companies focusing on customer service in our region,” says Pauliina Pikkujämsä, Service Director.

More information:

Juha Huhtanen, Wistec Training Oy, CEO, tel. +358 505 678 994

Pauliina Pikkujämsä, Business Joensuu Oy, Director of Business Services, Invest In and Location Services, tel. +358 40 743 4362

Wistec Training Oy is an expert in developing ICT competence and changing operating methods. It provides companies with IT training in contact teaching and online. Its main task is to ensure that the knowledge and skills gained in the training are put into use and that your investment in the training produces results.

Business Joensuu Oy was launched on 1 January 2019 to help customers in their investment and placement plans in the Joensuu area, as well as with launching, growing and increasing the internationality of their companies. In addition, the company also offers office space and event services in the Science Park. These services are used daily by 130 organisations and 1500 people. Business Joensuu also provides operating environment-related development services.