“Go Plastic!” a collaborative campaign of about 30 companies in the plastic business and Business Joensuu is making the extensive and versatile corporate network in the field of plastics more familiar and is drawing attention to the opportunities offered by plastic. The field of plastic, which is steadily growing, is already providing work for about 1,500 professionals, and experts will also be needed in the future.

The awareness campaign of the plastics field, which is being launched in April, is led by Business Joensuu, and connects actors in the field in the Joensuu area. The campaign uses shared communications to draw attention to companies, products, career stories, and actors in the region.

“The field of plastics is making quick progress, when measured by turnover. The combined turnover of the companies already exceeds € 200 million, of which 60-70 percent is from exports. Hundreds of new jobs have been created in companies in the plastics business in the Joensuu area in 2020, and there is a continued need in the companies to recruit more staff”, says Antti Mononen of Business Joensuu.

The name of the campaign, “Go Plastic!” (Hyvä muovi! in Finnish), is a cheer for the network of Joensuu area companies in the field of plastics and for the good qualities of plastic. As a material, plastic raises negative images in the minds of some, because of the problems of waste in the oceans, and microplastics. However, when it is used in the right place and in the right way plastic is necessary. It is an essential material in health care and industry, for example. Companies in the field of plastic bring jobs and well-being to the region, and our everyday lives today would not work without it.

Great demand for labour in Joensuu area plastics companies

Employment prospects in companies in the field of plastics in the Joensuu region are excellent, and plenty of jobs are available. About 1,500 people are currently working in the companies, and the number has grown by several hundred in the past year. Dozens of jobs are currently available in companies in the region.

A large proportion of the production of the plastics industry in the Joensuu area is linked with the manufacture of products of the pharmaceutical and health care industry. For example, plastic products used in testing for the coronavirus are manufactured in the Joensuu area. Other important fields include various industrial and agricultural products, as well as the manufacture of plastic goods for consumer and professional use, and injection moulds.

The field is not susceptible to cyclical fluctuation, and it has grown steadily in recent years. The need for more labour has been constant. The attraction of the field can also be seen in educational opportunities. Educational institutions operating in the Joensuu region, such as the Riviera vocational school, the Karelia University of Applied Sciences, and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Eastern Finland offer education linked with plastics. The educational institutions and the companies engage in close collaboration with each other.

“The plastics field is worth keeping in mind when considering educational options and career paths, as considerable attraction, and versatile tasks are available in Joensuu area companies in the field of plastics”, Mononen explains.

Further information:
Go Plastic! campaign website: hyvämuovi.fi (available in Finnish)

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The Go Plastic! Campaign is a part of the Industrial Competitiveness project funded by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund, and the Regional Council of North Karelia.