The city of Joensuu offers support for local businesses to promote employment during the pandemic: Applications are open for up to 4200 – 4900 euros rewards for recruiting a Joensuu citizen! Työllistämisen kuntalisä, employment assistance directed to promote employment among the unemployed in Joensuu is now accompanied by a more extensive Kuntalisä 2Plus until the end of 2020. An employer recruiting a Joensuu citizen can apply for the Kuntalisä 2Plus –reward. The recruited employee does not need to be unemployed.

”The city of Joensuu decided to invest 1 million euros to support local vitality in 2020. Exceptional times call for exceptional measures. This financial reward aims to support the local business community in surviving the consequences of COVID-19 and to encourage Joensuu citizens in the job hunt”, the mayor of Joensuu Kari Karjalainen explains.

The employment assistance provided to improve employment among the unemployed, työllistämisen kuntalisä, was already doubled in May. It is now 700 euros a month for the remainder of 2020. An employer can apply for kuntalisä when recruiting an unemployed citizen of Joensuu for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Now employers can also apply for Kuntalisä 2Plus when recruiting a citizen of Joensuu for a minimum of 6 months. Unemployment status is not required for Kuntalisä 2Plus. Employers can apply for Kuntalisä 2Plus 10.8 – 30.11.2020, whereas the 6 month employment period can occur between 3.8.2020 – 31.5.2021.

Antti Vikman, the CTO of Nolwenture Oy and the chairman of Joensuun Yrittäjät encourages entrepreneurs to utilize the available employment services. “We’ve had good experiences with kuntalisä. Companies or individual entrepreneurs rarely have a chance to hire an employee who has to learn the job because they need someone profitable. Pay subsidy and kuntalisä are excellent tools in training a new employee. The new employee’s contribution improves the order backlog, which is essential in creating a permanent job.”

Both reward models: Kuntalisä 2Plus and työllistämisen kuntalisä can be applied online through the Business Joensuu website. The B2B -agents of Luotsi Joensuu can provide both employers and employees with information about employment assistance and the application process. Find out more: (in Finnish)

As a novice entrepreneur, you are also eligible to kuntalisä. Further information for novice entrepreneurs and the application form can be found here:

Further information:
Tuomo Roivas, Business Joensuu. Director, Business Services: 0400 891 391
Sari Riikonen, Employment Coordinator: 050 310 9635