The students of the Joensuun lyseon lukio upper secondary school will relocate to Joensuu Science Park at the beginning of 2021. The required facilities will be freed by Karelia University of Applied Sciences and a separate entrance for the students will be built to Building 3A in Länsikatu.

The role of Business Joensuu at the core of education and cooperation with businesses will be further strengthened when the students of Joensuun Lyseon lukio move to Joensuu Science Park at the beginning of 2021. The group of approximately 500 students will bring new energy to the meeting point of businesses and students. At the same time, about 200 evening students from Joensuu Upper Secondary School for Adults will also move to Länsikatu. The expanding cooperation is an excellent example of the concrete results of the ecosystem of education in Joensuu. There will be new openings towards businesses, promises Jarkko Rieppo, Head of school of Joensuun lyseon lukio.

– We see many opportunities in this cooperation. The teaching staff have already been exchanging ideas unofficially between themselves, and the ideas will be discussed in more detail in more official meetings. It is already clear that we will approach businesses with new thoughts and mutual benefit in mind, says Jarkko Rieppo, Head of school of Joensuun lyseon lukio.

The school’s current premises require extensive renovation as there are problems with the air conditioning and drainage systems, among other things. Mr Rieppo finds the new facilities at Joensuu Science Park a good solution. Both the teachers and the students have given positive feedback on it.

The Science Park is located centrally and the services it offers are good. The students will have their meals at Louhi, a restaurant that also served as a canteen for the upper secondary students of Joensuun yhteiskoulun lukio a couple of years ago. The separate entrance that will be built to Building 3A will make the daily movements of the young people smoother.

The power of community spirit

Joensuu is a city of approximately 20,000 students and has a long tradition of cooperation between businesses and educational institutions. Cooperation takes place at several levels, starting from work experiences. The established forms of cooperation in the ecosystem of education in Joensuu also include product development and innovation cooperation in the EPIC project (Early-Stage Platform for Innovation Challenges), the science and technology festival SciFest and SPARK Joensuu, which has encouraged entrepreneurship among young people since September this year. SPARK is based at netWork Oasis at the Science Park.

– Joensuu provides an exceptionally strong development platform for purposes varying from the grass roots of education to education export, and from the cooperation between educational institutions and businesses to productising education and doing business in education. We wish the students of Lyseo very welcome here to study, network and absorb the entrepreneurial spirit, says Harri Palviainen, CEO of Business Joensuu.

Palviainen points out that learning and education are emphasised in a changing world. Young people are the makers of the future and any forward-looking company will be interested in them.

– It is a question of competence and skills, work force, innovations and cooperation. Not only the businesses, but also the young people will benefit as they will be able to mix with the community and absorb the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the Science Park.

Approximately 130 companies are located at Joensuu Science Park. Two thousand employees, students and visitors come to Länsikatu every day.

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