– Ten million, that’s a nice round number, Ari Mononen, Managing Director of Iivari Mononen says when counting how many poles the company has supplied around the world in the past 66 years. The third generation family business in Joensuu has worked its way up to one of the leading pole manufacturers. Boldly, uniquely and with a great team spirit.

Iivari Mononen Group sells products and services to constructors of electricity and telecommunications networks nationwide and internationally. The business has been divided into three companies: pole business is conducted by ScanPole Oy, PrimaTimber Oy is in charge of impregnated wood business, and Exsane Oy is responsible for service business.

Product of genuine engineering

Not all wood is suitable for poles; it has to be slowly grown, dense, strong and straight with tarry branches. Almost 100-year-old prime specimens. In production, the wood is peeled, dried and processed – pierced, notched, marked and impregnated with preservative. The poles are high-tech products tailored to the customer’s needs. They meet tight environmental criteria and go through external quality control.

Curious, effective, smart

Originality is one of Iivari Mononen’s values.

– We playfully call originality ilomantsiality! It means curiosity, challenging oneself, and a will to do things more intelligently and effectively. Originality strengthens competitiveness, Managing Director Ari Mononen summarises.

You can easily visit Norway or England in one day, and be back in Joensuu by 00.30.

The example speaks for itself – a few years ago, the company suggested to electricity companies that the poles could be delivered directly to the worksite. There was a lot of resistance at the beginning, but the family business that had selected the development of service business as its strategy, did not give up.

– We took the agenda forward, and now it has become standard practice.

Team spirit

Ari Mononen likes sports. He engages in various forms of exercise and supports his children’s hobbies: swimming, baseball and basketball. As a sponsor, he has celebrated the baseball gold of Joensuun Maila as well as the achievements of Kataja Basket. When describing the positive atmosphere of the city, the Managing Director also mentions the cultural events. Mononen then adds the 20 000 students and sighs “fantastic!”

– In order to be attractive, the city has to be pleasant to students, employees and their families. It is all about the potential to have hobbies and experiences. Joensuu is a very sports- and culture-friendly city. Both the city and local businesses strive to make Joensuu attractive and comfortable to live in. We have great team spirit!

Home for the night!

Iivari Mononen Group employs approximately 170 people. It has operations in five different locations in Finland, with the main office in Joensuu. The international exporter also has offices in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway. Most of the export goes to Europe, Asia and Africa. The turnover is approximately 60 million euros (2018)

The Managing Director travels a lot for work. Mononen often rushes to catch the first flight before six o’clock in the morning.

– It is easy to visit Norway or England in one day and be back in Joensuu by 00.30.