The main prize for the Start Me Up business idea competition 2021 will be the biggest in the history of the competition. The most mind-blowing business idea will receive a prize of over EUR 60,000. Half of the prize will be paid cash, while the other half will consist of expert services related to the development of the new business idea, such as strategy workshops, patenting assistance and legal services. What is more, Joensuu Science Park will provide the winner with business facilities for one year.
The competition also has a separate category for students. The prize for this category is EUR 9,000.

“Start Me Up is one of Finland’s largest business idea competitions measured by both the value of the prizes and the number of participants. Over the years, Start Me Up has served as a springboard for several successful ideas,” says Business Coach Janne Pakarinen from Business Joensuu. The competition is now being organised for the 20th time.

Last year, more than 140 ideas were submitted to the competition. The main prize went to Viestra Oy for an idea that made it possible to record the location and depth of underground cables more accurately. There were several different categories in last year’s competition, but this year only two prizes will be given out.

“We made this year’s Start Me Up more straightforward and concise to make it easier to participate. This also meant that we were able to increase the value of the main prize,” Pakarinen says.

The purpose of the Start Me Up business idea competition is to find mind-blowing ideas which can grow into new North Karelian success stories. The entry period for the competition will run from 1 February to 31 March. The winners will be announced on 19 May.

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