We have received some sceptical feedback suggesting that ‘business’ sounds too urban. As if the target group of Business Joensuu, established at the turn of the year, is too Joensuu-centred and reduced to only large-scale companies. There is no reason to worry. We have not forgotten the importance of small companies or regional effectiveness – quite the contrary.

There are approximately 300 000 companies in Finland. Over 93% of them are micro-enterprises employing under 10 persons. The proportion of large companies with over 250 employees is only 0.2%. This is the general overview of Finland and also North Karelia. New jobs are created in small companies. Small companies can grow big. That is why Business Joensuu’s growth and development services are needed.

You can become an entrepreneur by buying an active company. We take part in approximately 50 transfers of ownership on a yearly basis. The emphasis on growth in these situations means that we are even more determined than before to search for buyers, for whom the acquisition is a deliberate part of growth objectives.

Entrepreneurs are doers. We put in a hard day at work and carry out development projects cautiously, with retained earnings. A thought about growth may spring up, but we are concerned about taking the next steps. The entrepreneur is not left alone in this situation: a coaching partner can be found at Business Joensuu! Let’s go through your company’s current situation – in a targeted and deliberate manner. There are various funding opportunities for growth, even at low risk. We are going to map potential North Karelian growth companies in a proactive manner.

Companies often suffer from a shortage of labour. A temporary overload is fixable, but when the shortage is lengthened, it can prevent company growth and development. At worst, an entrepreneur is at risk of exhaustion, and the company’s future can be at stake. Business Joensuu offers help in these situations, and particularly from a company perspective.

We stress coaching instead of company guidance. In coaching, an entrepreneur recognises new opportunities and solves problems, while an external coach observes the situation, asks questions, offers support and encouragement – and even challenges the entrepreneur. As coaches, we will view your current activities from an outsider’s point of view, help you activate your thinking, and recognise development opportunities and options. The goal is a fluent and long-term dialogue based on mutual understanding and respect.

Entrepreneurs and persons planning to start a business can still receive assistance in basic matters, too.

Business Joensuu’s own personnel has competence and the right attitude to help companies in the region to develop and grow. Unlike the border wall in Mexico, there are no strict limits between our services: we are agile at crossing boundaries, and combining our expertise to suit the customer’s needs. Customers have access to our network of public and private partners in addition to our own experts.

Companies hope that Business Joensuu would act swiftly, be accessible, and enable an uncomplicated dialogue. That is precisely what we would like to receive from companies – you are welcome to swiftly ask us for help and search for opportunities of growth!

Tuomo Roivas
Director, Business Services, Business Joensuu