Siili Solutions opens new offices in Jyväskylä and Joensuu. Site Leads as well as software developers, designers and DevOps, cloud service and test automation experts are recruited for both offices.

Siili already has offices in Helsinki, Oulu, Seinäjoki and Tampere. Abroad, Siili operates in eight cities in Poland, Germany, Hungary, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States. The new Jyväskylä and Joensuu offices to be opened now will bring Siili closer to regional companies and expand Siili’s international studio network.

“As a growth company, Siili offers companies a truly business- and user-driven approach to digital service innovation, design and development. Our goal is to grow the new units into a significant entity and thus complement Siili’s geographical presence in the market”, says Marko Somerma, Siili’s CEO.

Dozens of experts are hired in Jyväskylä and Joensuu

Siili aims to hire about 30-50 experts in both cities over the next few years.

”There are strong educational institutions in Jyväskylä and Joensuu that train new experts for the growing need, and we want to hire the top doers for our new offices. The new Siilis can work with both domestic and international customers as part of our growing network. The development of modern digital solutions requires a wide range of expertise, and our customer teams employ people with very different profiles from different locations”, says Markku Savusalo, Business Director of Siili’s regional units.

The new Site Leads of the Jyväskylä and Joensuu units are hoped to be especially human-centric.

”The future Site Leads will play a very big role in creating identities for the new offices. At the heart of the Siili culture are motivated and well-off people who want to continuously develop their skills”, Savusalo describes.

In addition to Siili’s more than 800 experts, Siili has an extensive partner network, through which more than 100 experts from all over Finland are employed. In addition, through its own Master and Apprentice training program, Siili has trained and employed, among other things, fresh experts and industry changers.

Additional information:

CEO, Marko Somerma
Tel. +358 50 518 1496, email: marko.somerma(at)

Business Director Markku Savusalo
Tel. +358 40 154 7970, email: markku.savusalo(at)

Photo: Siili Solutions