The third group of Business Joensuu's GoGlobal training was launched in August. Seven companies from North Karelia and Heinävesi are participating in the training.

The four-month intensive training package in international business and sales will continue until Christmas. The autumn training includes a new aspect of personal branding and modern sales. The training builds international business, sales, and networks.

The trainers are Valtteri Tuominen and Oona Kankkunen. Valtteri Tuominen is a specialist in international technology business, and has defended his doctoral thesis in exporting technologies to the world market. He has launched the sales of millions of euros in the US market from zero. Oona Kankkunen is a coach and trainer of personal branding and modern sales, as well as expert in the professional use of social media channels.

During the autumn, Business Joensuu GoGlobal programme will organise Best Practice events open to all companies interested in internationalisation. The contents and schedules are described in the Business Joensuu Events calendar and in the social media channels.