The turnover of mechanisation company Premetec in Outokumpu has increased manifold in a few years. Managing Director Paavo Linna moved to North Karelia for business.

Paavo Linna moved from Jyväskylä to North Karelia in 2015, and established Premetec (link in Finnish), which manufactures plastic and metal parts and subsystems for different industrial sectors. The company was established on the foundations of the metal drilling business Metalliporaamo M. Nykänen in 2015, and the turnover and number of employees have grown significantly since.

– Compared to big cities, Outokumpu has good guidance services for companies. It was easy to receive assistance in practical matters, such as looking for new premises, setting up the company and writing the business plan, Linna describes the early stages of setting up his enterprise.

Premises for the new business were found with the help of Outokumpu Industrial Park Ltd in an empty building in the Industrial Park. Location in the Industrial Park has its perks: the services of Business Joensuu and the Industrial Park are nearby, and the surrounding companies facilitate the business operations.

– For instance, surface coating services and technological stores are nearby.

Businesses in the Outokumpu Industrial Park cooperate also in other ways: the Synertec network organises meetings, joint marketing and shared stalls at trade fairs.

Growth continues in Outokumpu

Premetec’s personnel has grown from five to fifteen in the past three years. Located in Outokumpu, the education consortium Riveria helps to ensure professional workforce – students and persons making a career change have joined the company through it.

– It is good to have a local institution of professional education.

Located in Outokumpu, education consortium Riveria helps to ensure professional workforce

The secret of company growth is, according to Linna, continuous development work. For the mechanisation industry, the markets are nationwide: Premetec exports goods outside North Karelia, but some of the products also stay in Outokumpu.

– We have important customers in Outokumpu. We can say that 30% of the goods stay nearby, and 70% are transported outside the region. Logistical connections are as good here as anywhere else.

Premetec continues to grow in Outokumpu. The company has recently purchased the majority of Toolman Oy’s (link in Finnish) shares.

– This purchase provides us with more expertise and we will be able to offer more diverse services and larger wholes, Linna explains.