Self-employed persons in the Joensuu region have actively applied for coronavirus-related support amounting to 2,000 euros. Business Joensuu accepts applications from ten differentmunicipalities. In total, over 500 applications have been received in two weeks, half of which are from the Joensuu region.

On the basis of statements made by Business Joensuu’s business experts, the City of Joensuu has now granted 150 favourable decisions on support for sole entrepreneurs. At this stage, just over 30 applicants are about to receive a negative decision which may be appealed against. In addition, over 100 applications by entrepreneurs in the Joensuu region are currently being processed.

The City of Joensuu and Business Joensuu hope that entrepreneurs do not apply for support until the company’s problems are clearly verifiable. More than one third of the applications submitted to Business Joensuu by sole entrepreneurs require additional information, which increases the processing time of the applications. The City of Joensuu has applied for a maximum appropriation of over EUR 2.5 million from the state to support sole entrepreneurs. At the moment, only about 12 per cent of companies in the Joensuu region have applied for the support.

Entrepreneurs must clearly demonstrate and justify the effect of coronavirus on their business. For example, entrepreneurs may attach a document to their application on the difference in sales in March and April 2019 and 2020, or on the closure of their business activities due to Government policies. For example, a cancellation of orders and its documentation is also a valid basis for evaluation. According to instructions provided by the Ministry of Finance, entrepreneurs’ other earned income or pension prevents them from receiving corona-virus related support. After the corona-related support has been granted, it can be paid to the applicant’s account within a few days of the decision.


  • Corona-related support may be granted to full-time sole entrepreneurs or self-employed persons without employees, including freelance entrepreneurs, who engage in economic activity in Finland. The applicants must not have other earnings than income generated by their entrepreneurial activities, such as pension or salary income from other employment relationships.
  • A condition for granting corona-related support to sole entrepreneurs is that the entrepreneur’s financial situation and turnover have deteriorated by 30% or more after 16 March 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic, and that the entrepreneur is considered to have the capacity to run a profitable business. It is advisable to submit the application only when the necessary attachments are available.
  • The support may be granted for costs that arise between 16 March 2020 and 31 August 2020. The support may be applied for until 30 September 2020.
  • Ten municipalities in North Karelia have agreed that self-employed persons may apply for the support through a centralised service on the Business Joensuu website. These municipalities include Heinävesi, Ilomantsi, Joensuu, Kitee, Liperi, Nurmes, Outokumpu, Polvijärvi, Rääkkylä and Tohmajärvi. The actual decision on support and a possible payment will be made by the self-employed person’s municipality of residence.
  • Further information and a link to the electronic application form:

Further information

Business Joensuu, Harri Palviainen, CEO, tel. +358 500 967 744

City of Joensuu, Development Director Janna Puumalainen, tel. +358 50 511 5028