Pauliina Pikkujämsä starts at Business Joensuu on 14 May 2019.

Business Joensuu started its operations at the beginning of 2019. An important part of the company’s services is the promotion of investments in the region, and services for companies and experts relocating to the area. This also includes expert and regional marketing targeted at companies, services covering the vicinity (Russia) and regional film production services. The activities are international and, in many ways, new in the Joensuu region. Pauliina Pikkujämsä (DSc Business Administration, born 1968) has been nominated as head of the unit. She reports to CEO Harri Palviainen and is a member of the Management Group.

Pauliina will move to her new position from BusinessOulu and its predecessor Oulu Innovation Ltd, where she worked from 2008 onwards. Her tasks included, for instance, working as an Invest In Manager, and being responsible for Oulu’s business marketing. She completed her doctorate in 2018 on Invest In operations and place marketing. Pikkujämsä has earlier worked as a Programme Director and Project Manager at Technopolis Oyj, in international marketing at Tulikivi, and as a Purchaser at Nokia Networks. Pauliina has studied and worked abroad for nine years, such as in Germany and France, and she speaks four languages. She has lived in Joensuu while working at Tulikivi, and she is familiar with the region also because her family has a holiday home in North Karelia.

“I am excited about developing relocation services and business marketing in the region. I believe that my experiences in a similar position put me in a good position to succeed. It is also great to take part in developing the new Business Joensuu, and to work with customers, companies in the Joensuu region, and stakeholders”, Pauliina Pikkujämsä says.

“I am delighted that we now have a strong Invest In expert at Business Joensuu. Pauliina has a history of practical successes in company relocation, and a strong background in relocation services and place marketing. She is both a doer and a visionary – this will provide our region with new expertise”, CEO of Business Joensuu Harri Palviainen states.

Pauliina Pikkujämsä starts at Business Joensuu on 14 May 2019.

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