In September 2020, Joensuu-based Palavaneri received a new leader when Jouni Kontkanen, who previously worked as the sales director of industry at Stark, bought the company's shares together with Janne Tarnanen, Markus Hämäläinen and Petri Kontkanen. Everyone mentioned is involved in the company's operations. Digitalisation has been a part of working with plywood products for a while now. However, at Jouni's initiative, the company started to look for more opportunities to develop operations with the help of digitalisation. The Digi.Grow coaching programme provided by Business Joensuu helped the company clarify its digital needs.

In addition to production, Palavaneri has been utilising the opportunities of digitalisation in marketing for years. However, with the Digi.Grow service, the company wanted to dive deeper into the possibilities of digital marketing and look into the significance of different aspects for supporting the company’s visibility

– Now that we have a better grasp on things thanks to the coaching programme, planning our future digital strategy will be easier than before: now we’re thinking about how much of what we learned we’ll be using in-house and what we’ll buy from elsewhere. It’s easier to make decisions when you understand what you are buying. In the future, we’ll put more weight on social media and buy keyword advertising from partners, explains Jouni Kontkanen from Palavaneri.

New digital opportunities

Palavaneri is known for the service they provide and the quality of their products. These are the aspects Kontkanen wants to invest in even more. Digital tools play a particularly important role in keeping customer promises; this has become even clearer in these exceptional times. The company is working on a project related to enterprise resource planning (ERP), supported by the Digi.Grow coaching programme Business Joensuu.

–I wanted to invest more in basic systems so that we could have the potential for controlled growth. But since we’ll be pursuing growth more heavily in the future, the ERP system has to support growth and help ensure that we can stay in control of everything and be able to keep our customer promises.yä.


Thanks to its versatility and customisability, Digi.Grow was a good match for Palavaneri. After digital mapping, the company was able to find suitable workshops and get specific information from impartial sources.

– The Digi.Grow coaching programme was a very good experience. I would have liked to have put a little more effort in the subject outside the programme if it had been possible within our schedules. But the important thing is that we got a deeper understanding of the digital world, which will make our discussions with service providers easier, Kontkanen says.

FACT: Digi.Grow

Digi.Grow is Business Joensuu’s practical coaching programme for developing digitalisation in growth-oriented micro-sized or small and medium-sized enterprises that need support in selecting and implementing electronic tools. You will receive:

  • Impartial support for finding suitable digital tools
  • Impartial digital mapping
  • Workshop coaching on the topics you need
  • Access to an expert for the duration of the service
  • Advice on funding needs

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Partners: European Social Fund ESF, South Savo ELY Centre.