New facilities for Joensuun lyseon lukio upper secondary school and Joensuun Aikuislukio upper secondary school for adults were completed in October. The spaces are currently being furnished and equipped with teaching technology, with teaching activities scheduled to begin on 7 January. 

The schools have sole use of approximately 3,300 square metres of space, in addition to which the Louhi Restaurant will serve student meals while physical education will utilise the outstanding facilities at Mehtimäki sports park.

Special attention has been paid to the comfort, acoustics and versatility of the new facilities. Students will have access to quiet spaces where they can complete homework or divide into small groups during lessons. The magnificent and multi-purpose Joensuu Hall is the operational hub – this is where student events and matriculation examinations will be held while at other times it will provide a pleasant space for students to spend time.


Owned by Business Joensuu Oy, the Science Park is a home for business life, where companies and educational institutions operate side by side with public administration. It houses more than 120 organisations and nearly 2,000 employees. They combine to form a vibrant community where people, thoughts and ideas find each other on a daily basis.

– The move to Science Park supports the objectives of increasing cooperation between the world of work and higher education institutions contained in the new general upper secondary education curriculum that takes effect next autumn, says Jarkko Rieppo, who is Head of School at Joensuun lyseon lukio.

The school is already planning cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland’s Department of Information Processing, Business Joensuu and SPARK Joensuu, which brings together the entrepreneurship studies or various educational organisations. The aim is to find cooperation models with companies operating in the Science Park that benefit both parties.

The construction project was completed on schedule and below the target price. The school’s students, guardians and staff were able to present their ideas concerning activities and the facilities using methods that included a Padletwall. Three students took part in planning meetings, and they provided valuable feedback as the project progressed. Students and staff were also involved in the procurement process for furnishings. Teachers have been key experts in terms of planning the teaching technology and laboratory equipment. The goal during construction of the facilities was to use and retain as much of the old materials as possible. This included doors, light fixtures and presentation technology for teaching as well as furnishings.

Business Joensuu’s Science Park facility and event services unit implemented the change work in cooperation with the following parties: The OK architectural agency and its head designers Osmo Karttunen and Teija Kokko, and Rakennusliike Joen Talo Oy, which was the main contractor. Business Joensuu will lease the premises to Joensuun lyseon lukio upper secondary school for 15 years.

The Lyseon lukio school has 500 students and 34 teachers, while the Aikuislukio upper secondary school for adults has 20 teachers and 250 evening students. Teaching in the school for adults will take place in the same facilities, but during the evenings.

The building that currently houses the two schools was completed in 1956, and has reached the end of its service life. The need for renovation was so large that it was more practical to move the schools to another location.

More information:

Head of School Jarkko Rieppo
tel. 050 310 8592



Architect, main design: Arkkitehdit OK
Structural design: A-Insinöörit suunnittelu Oy
HPAC design: Insinööritoimisto Jormakka Oy
Electrical design: Ramboll Finland Oy


Main contractor: Rakennusliike Joen Talo Oy
HPACA: Lämpökarelia Oy
Electricity: Joensuun Sähköinsto Oy

Other team members

Joensuun lyseon lukio upper secondary school
Joensuun Aikuislukio upper secondary school for adults
City of Joensuu’s Well-being Services and Facility Centre
Business Joensuu Oy

Project schedule

Construction 27 April 2020–30 October 2020
Ventilation of facilities 30 October 2020–31 December 2020
Furnishing and equipping by the user 30 October 2020–6 January 2021