Business Joensuu has employed three new experts.

On 1 August 2019, Janne Pakarinen (born 1976) will start as a fixed-term Coach for Growth Companies and Expert in Digital Services and Sales in our New Business and Internationalisation services. Janne will join us from Planeetta Internet Oy where he worked as a Business Manager. Janne has long-term experience in growing his own company Sitefactory Oy and steering it through various development phases, as well as the implementation of acquisitions and integrations. Janne’s previous jobs include working as a Trainer, Career Coach and Entrepreneurship Coach, as well as Executive Director of Suomen Liikemiesyhdistys [Finnish Business Association]. Janne reports to Jouko Rautasalo (from 1 September to Kari Melanen).

Santeri Laner (born 1975) will start as a fixed-term Business and Growth Coach in our Business Growth and Development services on 5 August 2019. Santeri will join us from his own company, FinnConcept Oy, which offers training and consulting services. Santeri has gained solid experience in company growth strategies and their practical implementation by working both as Coach and Sales and Managing Director. Santeri has also trained companies, managers and work communities at Työluotsi Oy and Filosofian Akatemia Oy, where he represented Eastern Finland. Previously, he worked as a Managing Director of software company Dapal Oy. Santeri reports to Tuomo Roivas.

Janne Pakarinen and Santeri Laner will contribute to implementing our new growth coaching services. They will work in the Grow with Joe growth coaching project that has received fixed-term funding. The project is funded by the Regional Council of North Karelia.

Assi Mikkonen (born 1982) will start as Account Manager in Science Park’s Facilities and Events services on 9 September 2019. She will be responsible for the sales of business facilities and customer relationships. She will take over from Anna-Maija Kivi, who retires in the autumn. Assi will transfer to us from her role of Project Sales Manager at Lakka Kivitalot, where she has been responsible for sales and marketing, as well as the project and accounting team of the Kivitalo unit. Assi has worked in various sales and project tasks at Lakan Betoni since 2005, when she graduated as a construction engineer from a university of applied sciences. Assi reports to Anu Halonen.