Taaleri's investment site Joensuu Biocoal Oy builds a bioindustrial plant that produces torrefied biomass, in Joensuu, Finland. Torrefied biomass replaces the use of coal in the cement and steel industry, for example. The value of the investment is approximately €20 million.

The construction work of the bioindustrial plant is planned to begin in spring 2022, and the plant is expected to start in mid-2023. The total planned production, of the plant located on the plot of the Savon Voima Oyj electric and thermal power station, in the Biotie (Bio road) area, is approximately 60,000 tonnes a year. The plant uses forest industry and forestry side streams as raw material, mainly wood bark and first thinning cordon. Each year, approximately 250,000 cubic metres of raw material is consumed. There is a growing demand for torrefied biomass in the cement and steel industries, in addition biochar is seen to have opportunities for soil improvement and water treatment.

– The investment creates new jobs in the Joensuu region and provides excellent support for the city’s climate strategy and its goal of being carbon neutral by 2025. At the same time, it meets our strategic goal of being a world-class expert in the utilisation of renewable natural resources. The Taaleri project is an important opening for industrial activities in accordance with sustainable development and circular economy, in the Joensuu region, and it also increases the attractiveness of the Biotie business area, says Mayor Kari Karjalainen.

– Joensuu is an excellent place to develop a bioindustry project. The area develops a network related to the field, societal actors see the potential of the bioindustry and cooperation with, for example, Business Joensuu has been strong. Cooperation with the local energy company and an excellent logistic location along the waterway are also particularly important for this project, says Tero Saarno, Head of Bioindustry Business Area at Taaleri.

Product development and new uses for torrefied biomass

The parties have already set up a joint biomass acquisition company to enhance and secure the future supply of raw materials. In addition, a cooperation group has been established to support the new business. The group includes the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), the University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences Ltd, and Business Joensuu Oy. The aim of the group is to diversely develop material competence based on biochar, identify new uses for torrefied biomass and biochar, as well as to accelerate product development in companies.

– The bioindustrial plant is a key investment in the development of the Biotie area, around the Savon Voima power station, into an industrial park based on a circular economy. The area will be an attractive place for energy-intensive processing, where carbon dioxide and other by-products will be utilised as raw materials, for example in new hydrogen economy processes, in the production of geopolymers and green concrete, and in fertiliser use,” says Ari Immonen, Deputy Managing Director of Business Joensuu.

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