Muovisola Oy has grown rapidly from a two-person family-owned company to a community employing 30 people, and the aim is to keep on growing. Business Joensuu has been involved in making the Muovisola’s recruitment process smoother and clearer. Recruiting is not always an easy process, but cooperation can help deal with these challenges!

In 1993, the parents of Muovisola Oy’s CEO Mikko Kontkanen gave up farming to become entrepreneurs in the plastics field. Since his parents ran the business together for a long time, there were plenty of challenges and Kontkanen describes the early days of the company as very hectic:

– In practice, my parents more or less ran production in three shifts by themselves for 2-3 years. I remember that they had alarms wired into the bedroom, and one or the other was always awake. In practice, they only slept every second night until the first employees were hired.

Although the original idea was to provide Mikko’s mother with some extra work in addition to caring for the livestock, the plastics company started growing at a tremendous rate. And there’s no end in sight. Operating in Polvijärvi, the company is already competing on the international market, where quality and efficiency mean a lot. Mikko’s parents are already enjoying a well-deserved retirement, but the company is still developing at a fast pace. Now Muovisola Oy is recruiting new employees to join its family, and Business Joensuu is helping with this process.


Concrete solutions for  recruitment challenges

Since employees are the backbone of the company’s day-to-day operations, successful recruiting is extremely important. Amid the day-to-day rush of running a business, it may be hard for a company to find the resources needed for the recruiting process. But fortunately, companies don’t have to do this alone. Business Coach Timo Hartikainen from Business Joensuu helped Muovisola, and he explains how collaboration works between companies:

– The goal is to work with entrepreneurs to find the best possible solution in different situations. Our job is to provide advice and guidance so the companies can recruit more efficiently. We also want to bring added value to the process.

We learn the most valuable lessons by discussing things from different perspectives. Business Joensuu provides comprehensive assistance in different stages of the recruitment process, but examining the company’s own needs is how we find the best methods. The process is always tailored for the company by introducing new, useful methods for recruitment.

The collaboration between Muovisola and Business Joensuu began with a situational analysis, which helped to clarify the assignment. Timo Hartikainen and Mikko Kontkanen reviewed the company’s current situation and determined where it wanted to be in the future. They also discussed the company’s employer image and how it wants to look from the outside. This led to the implementation of a large number of joint, concrete solutions.

Business Joensuu provided Muovisola with assistance at every stage of the process – from planning all the way to implementation. The planning stage involved deciding on schedules and how the recruitment process would progress. After this, jobseeker communications were successfully implemented in different channels in order to find the right experts for the company. Hartikainen was also involved in ensuring the success of the interviews. All this was carried out while keeping the company’s own values in mind.

Kontkanen believes that Business Joensuu has been a great help for the company in terms of implementing the recruitment process. The whole process quickly became much smoother. A satisfied Mikko Kontkanen talks about the success of the process:

– We wouldn’t have been able to complete this process nearly as well without help. All in all, everything is so much clearer now.

Having close contacts also made it easy for Muovisola to get answers to questions about recruiting. Any challenges were dealt with together!


What does the future hold?

Mikko thinks that entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs, and every day means learning something new. Muovisola has also faced a lot of challenges that it’s been able to resolve with support from Business Joensuu, working together, and a systematic approach. Now, Muovisola Oy is also collaborating with about 30 other plastics companies and Business Joensuu to improve awareness of the plastics sector via the #hyvämuovi (Go Plastic!) campaign.

Muovisola continues to develop in a target-oriented manner amid the beautiful nature of Polvijärvi. The company is putting a lot of effort into improving well-being at work and job satisfaction. After all, good employees are the key to a successful company!


“When its employees are happy, a company is usually successful.”

  • Muovisola Oy is a family-owned company established in 1993.
  • The company is a contract manufacturer that produces services related to plastic injection molding.
  • Muovisola Oy employs around 30 people and does business internationally.
  • The company’s CEO is Mikko Kontkanen, who started working full-time at the company in 2007.

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Picture: Jarno Artika