The City of Joensuu wanted to support the vitality of the area in this exceptional situation and encourage employers to offer employment to all Joensuu residents. EUR 1 million of Joensuu's employment appropriations were reserved as fixed-term municipal subsidy grants that would be awarded based on applications. Applications for the EUR 1 million reserved for the municipal subsidy were received at a record rate: the entire sum was spent within 11 weeks between August and October.

The municipal subsidy grants promoted the creation of 267 employment relationships; 107 were permanent contracts and 160 were fixed-term. Job recipients included 170 people who had been unemployed prior to the new employment relationship.

The subsidy included the Kuntalisä 2Plus grants that were awarded based on 214 employment relationships. The 2Plus grant was EUR 4,200. The grant required providing and employment relationship of at least six months for any jobseeker inJoensuu. In addition, 53 municipal subsidy grants for employing an unemployed jobseeker were applied for within the “Työllistämisen kuntalisä” municipal subsidy. The subsidy requires an employment relationship of at least four weeks for an unemployed person, and the amount of the grant varies based on the duration of the employment relationship.

The majority of the grants were awarded to companies located in Joensuu or in a neighbouring area. Jobs were also offered by some organisations and private individuals. In addition, the grant contributed to the employment of a few Joensuu residents as remote workers in companies located elsewhere in Finland.  Jobs were found in sectors such as administrative and support services, ICT, accounting, bakery, cleaning and home services as well as different sectors of industry and trade.

Employer feedback on Joensuu’s municipal subsidy has been very positive. “What a great move on Joensuu’s part! Easy to apply for and the decision came really fast. This ensured the job. What was meant to be a fixed-term employment relationship became a permanent one.”

The application process and guidance was carried out in cooperation between the employment services of the City of Joensuu, the LUOTSI services, and Business Joensuu. The City of Joensuu and Business Joensuu would like to thank all employers who offered jobs.

The municipal subsidy for hiring unemployed persons is still open for applications at

Further information:

Employment Coordinator Sari Riikonen
tel. +358 50 310 9635

Service Director Tuomo Roivas
tel. +358 400 891 391