Reliability, energy efficiency and ability to improve continuously. These are the qualities Mia Mantsinen has led Mantsinen Group with since spring 2017.

Over a year after being nominated Managing Director, Mia Mantsinen became the main shareholder of the family business. In November 2018, she received the award for Family Business of the Year. In an interview with Talouselämä magazine, Mantsinen revealed that stepping into a leadership role in the family business was not a self-evident move. The company’s story and people charmed her to continue and try her best to develop the company.

Like father like daughter

Mia Mantsinen’s father Veli Mantsinen and his brother Juhani drove wood loads on their farm tractors to dairies, heating plants and forestry companies in the region. It was service business in the early 1960s. Approximately ten years later, the farmers signed a contract with the Uimaharju factory on the treatment of imported wood. Following the concept of continuing improvement, the pair started to modify their existing machinery in 1985.

That is the path the company is still on. The daughter of an innovative father says she slowly started to understand the value of machines to customers. Mia Mantsinen is not shy to verbalise her goals: the company is after rapid growth and the reputation of a world-class operator. That has been the objective for the past ten years, and the company has moved continuously towards this goal.

– Our machines are an important part of our customers’ logistics chain. The sector and the demands develop continuously, and we have to be ready to face the changes. It is extremely important to listen to the customer and understand the possible loopholes, Mia Mantsinen knows, and summarises the essential:

– You have to strive to be the world’s best in your own field.

Expansion to Rauma

Mantsinen manufactures the biggest hydraulic pumps and produces the most resource efficient logistics services in the world. Mantsinen’s collection of dock cranes covers machinery weighing from 70 tonnes to almost 400 tonnes. In energy efficiency, the company outdoes its competitors thanks to the HybriLift energy recovery system. With HybriLift, the energy created by lowering the booms is accumulated and reused when raising the boom, which significantly reduces the fuel consumption and emissions.

The hydraulic crane developed by us is taking over markets all over the world.

Europe is the company’s main market. Mantsinen has made new regional breakthroughs in Indonesia and Brasil. In 2018, Mantsinen expanded its assembly operations to Rauma.

– The hydraulic crane we developed is taking over markets all over the world. Entering new market areas requires even more from our production chain. It is a natural step to move the final assembly closer to the sea, as an increasing share of our machinery is transported ready assembled by sea. The main office, production and production development are firmly set in North Karelia.