Stepping into the facilities of physiotherapy clinic Rantakylän Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos makes you go “Wow!” The visitor is greeted by tranquillity. The space is light, open and modern. According to the clinic’s owner Sari Vänskä, “fantastic workers” are the icing on the cake.

Physiotherapy clinic Rantakylän Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos (link in Finnish) was established in 1984. When Rantakylä commercial building was completed in 1986, the physiotherapy clinic was one of its first tenants. The facilities are owned by real estate company Joensuun Yrityskiinteistöt (link in Finnish).

– So many things have changed in the company’s operational environment throughout the decades. Cooperation with the landlord has, however, always been good. No matter what we have needed – for instance, more space – the landlord has quickly helped us out, Sari Vänskä says gratefully.

Intensive rehabilitation

The clinic’s largest customer group consists of physical and occupational therapy customers receiving Kela’s intensive medical rehabilitation. The other customer groups consist of clients with a payment commitment from SiunSote or an insurance company, as well as customers who pay for the services themselves.

– Customers come to therapy because of problems caused by musculoskeletal disorders, ageing and different neurological disorders or injuries. The choice of therapy is always driven by customer needs and planned in cooperation. The clinic’s customers vary from children to older people.

The clinic’s VoimaGalleria gym offers open fitness classes: circuit training, kettle bell training, VOITAS strength and balance workouts, and yoga groups.

Career growth

Sari Vänskä originally joined Rantakylän Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos as an hourly employee. Vänskä’s need to deepen her professional expertise made her into an entrepreneur.

– As a paid employee I did not have access to specialist training and I could not deepen my professional competence in paediatric neurology. So I ended up becoming an entrepreneur and buying a partnership in the company in 1997. In 2005, I became the sole proprietor.

Continuous training of personnel is a strategic choice at Rantakylän Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos; the clinic’s therapists have diverse expertise. At the end of 2018, the company employed nine therapists.

Services for entrepreneurs

Happy with her landlord, the entrepreneur also gives positive feedback to other entrepreneurial services in Joensuu region.

The fact that physiotherapists are trained in Joensuu is an added bonus

– I used the entrepreneurial loan for women and received assistance for the creation and production of a quality handbook. The last time Vänskä was helped by the then Josek, now Business Joensuu, was when she changed company forms from a limited partnership to a limited liability company. The fact that physiotherapists are trained in Joensuu is an added bonus. Although the company’s main focus is on its own services, we also cooperate with other companies in the field.

In addition to Sari Vänskä, Joensuun Yrityskiinteistöt has approximately twenty tenants on Puronsuunkatu in Joensuu. The tenants range from micro and small businesses to international corporations. The company has approximately 55 000 square metres of business space for rent.